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Oh! Nuts

Oh! Nuts sent me the best dried fruit and nuts I have ever tasted!  I buy bulk all the time and they are my favorite by far!  Recipes to follow soon! Look forward to Almond Blueberry Scones.  As for the pecans…I’m going to let my imagination run wild!


Golden Raspberries!

It’s gonna be a short post today.  Things are hectic.

I was in super lazy mode yesterday and I was in no mood to cook.  I hate those days because I’m generally without ideas or I have amazing ones that seem so complex.  Anyways, I walked into Safeway to pick up Morning Star veggie burgers and I came across Golden Raspberries!  I didn’t even know they existed.  They were super expensive.  I’m going to wait until the price goes down and buy several packages and make raspberry tarts.  Will post recipe & pictures.   

So the funny thing is, we decided to take our cat Teddy Bear aka Theodore on a ride to the store.  I have video footage, but I don’t think the file is compatible with iMovie.  I’m working on trying to edit the clips.  Once I get that finished, I’ll post the video.  Pretty hilarious!  EDIT: Here’s the video!